What’s New to SoHo – March

Sky’s premiere TV channel SoHo is packed full of drama and March is no different. Check out the best of SoHo for this March:

  • Counterpart – Fridays 8:30pm from 9 March. Encores Saturdays 10:30pm from 10 March.
  • Atomic Homefront (HBO Documentary) – Tuesday 8:30pm 13 March. Encore Thursday 10:30pm 15 March
  • The Looming Tower – Thursdays 8:30pm from 15 March. Encores Tuesdays 10:30pm from 20 March
  • Save Me – Sundays 8:30pm from 18 March. Encores Tuesdays 7:30pm from 20 March
  • Billions Season 3 – Tuesdays 8:30pm from 27 March. Encores Sundays 7:30pm from 1 April
  • The Americans Season 6 – Thursdays 9:30pm from 29 March. Encores Wednesdays 7:30pm from 4 April

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