2017 Christmas Gift Guide for the Unorganised Late Shopper

It’s that time of the year ladies and gentleman, Christmas is right on the doorstep and if you’re reading this then just like this gift guide you are running late. It’s no secret that us Kiwi’s love leaving our Christmas shopping until the last minute so we thought we’d help you out with a last minute gift guide for the Tech Nerd or Gamer in your life.

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For the Gamer

If you’ve got a gamer in your life that you are shopping for then it’s going to be games they are after so we’ve put together a selection of some of the best from 2017. Just beware though, some of these games are console exclusives so if you buy Super Mario Odyssey for your giftee when they have PS4 you probably won’t be too popular. And speaking of being popular, if you really wanna take Christmas to a whole new level then we’ve included a console or two.


For the Gadget Lover

Whether you love them or not, we all have at least one gadget or device these days. What better time to add to the collection or upgrade than Christmas? Whether it’s a smartphone, wearable or something else, we’ve got a few suggestions to appease the gadget giftee in your life.

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  1. John Carr says

    Definitely the Xbox One X so it can pair with our new 4k tv. Watching TV in 4k has been a real eye opener so gaming in 4k would just be another awesome experience.

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