3SIXT iPhone 8 Plus Aramid Case Review

When you’ve shelled out big money on your shiny new smartphone the last thing you want is to suffer is that impromptu drop that shatters galls and ruins your device. I purchased my iPhone 8 Plus as soon as it was released and going back to an all-glass design, I was immediately worried about the impact a drop would have.

Often I run the risk of ruining my phone with a drop because I hate bulky cases so I forgo a case. The Aramid case from 3SIXT is an excellent compromise of providing strength without adding much in the way of size to your phone.

Weighing in at only 10 grams and a minuscule 0.7mm my first though was how the hell is this thing going to protect my phone?! Well that dear readers is where some wizardry from 3SIXT comes in. The Aramid case is made 100% Dupont kevlar, the same materials used in bullet/stab proof vests so it is a damn strong material!

No the Aramid case isn’t going to stop a bullet for you or protect you from a stabbing, both situations I hope my readers stay well away from! What it does do though is provide the iPhone 8 Plus with a very strong layer of protection should the phone fall onto its back or side. How do I know? Because I took a punt and dropped the phone onto its side and its back from about a metre and a half and there was not a single crack on my phone.

The iPhone 8 Plus is a bulky handset so the Aramid case is a great compromise given its very small profile. The case manages to feel like you are still just holding an iPhone rather than making it feel like you are now holding a brick, something many cases seem to do in order to add protection.

3SIXT haven’t put any coating over the kevlar material so it does look like a piece of kevlar which is a look I quite like. The only real downside to the case design is that being so thin meant that getting the phone out of the case is quite tricky. Trying to pry the phone out of the case from the edges resulted in a tiny crack to the case right on the rounded edge. Make no mistake, the case is solid and can take a drop like a champ but having to get the phone out of the case you are in for a fair bit of effort exertion.

One of the benefits of Apple not changing the design of the iPhone 8 Plus (or iPhone 8) from previous models is that this case will also work on the iPhone 7 models too.

Of course protecting the side and back of the iPhone is one thing but protecting the front of the screen requires a screen protector. I tried out 3SIXT’s Edge to Edge Glass Screen protector and boy was I glad I did (more on that in a sec). The screen protector contours to the edge of the phone so you get complete screen protection. The screen protectors can be bought in either white or black, depending on which iPhone you have with the glass being coloured white or black to look the same as the top and bottom bezels of the iPhone. Personally I would have preferred the glass to be completely clear but I can appreciate that 3SIXT probably wanted the white or black of the phone to not look like it was below the glass. Only down side here is that side bezel on the protector slightly overlaps the screen itself so you lose the tiniest amount of screen space with the screen protector. It isn’t overly noticeable so many may not pick up on it.

Back to my test that wasn’t meant to be a test. With the phone next to me on the bedside table I reached for my steel water bottle missed it and knocked it smack bang onto the front of the screen! The 3SIXT screen protector glass cracked immediately but taking the protector off my actual iPhone screen didn’t even have a scratch on it. That’s one of the benefits of glass screen protectors, when subjected to force they will take the brunt of the force, take one for the team and shatter instead of your screen.

If you are looking for a lightweight case and screen protector than the 3SIXT Aramid and Edge to Edge Screen protector may just be one of the best combos on the market.

3SIXT cases and screen protectors are available from Noel Leeming, Vodafone, Harvey Norman, Oobe, Mighty Ape, Smith’s City, 2 Degrees, Tech2Go and Spark as well as the 3SIXT website

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