3SIXT S9 Case Review

It’s a tale as old as time, you spend a small fortune buying your new smartphone only to drop it and smash the screen then curse yourself for not putting it in a case. We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S9 and considering this $1,400 handset is all glass it definitely needs a case!

The fine people over at 3SIXT sent me some cases to check out so let’s take a look at what 3SIXT are offering to protect that expensive piece of technology you’re carrying around with you all day, everyday.


This one was my pick of the bunch. It’ll set you back all of $34.95 so it’s pretty damn cheap and it offers decent protection and also looks good.

As the name suggests, the Slimfolio is slim. It fits snuggly around the S9 and will protect both the front and back of the device. It isn’t overly bulky so you aren’t going to suffer from unsightly pocket bulge. The Slimfolio also has a built-in stand which is very handy. I tended to use it most when I was having lunch in the office; I could just pop the table and enjoy some YouTube or Netflix without having to lean right over the S9.

The Slimfolio also features two built in card slots so you can carry your phone, licence and debit card in one nice easy slim package. The only down side is somethign I have mentioned in a previous review. Android 8.0 in particular has a quirk where if NFC is turned on your phone will keep telling you it wants to add a new tag when cards are near it. If you put any NFC card like a debit or credit card in the Slimfolio then turn off NFC or be prepared to get annoyed very quickly at the constant new tag notifications you will get spammed with.

The only realy downside to the Slimfolio is that it doesn’t have any clasp to keep the front of the case shut which means there isa slight chance that if you drop the phone the front could open up mid-fall and cause a screen shatter.

Neo Case

The Neo case has plenty going for it. Coming in at $44.95 it is again not overly pricey and it is essentially two cases in one. The inner shell is great for basic protection and the outer shell provides an added layer of protection and impact absorption, plus this case can be magnetically attached to a NeoMount or NeoVent for use in your car.

Because of the dual level of protection, the Neo Case is a little bit more bulky than the Slimfolio. There is no built-in stand here but as with everything, the extra protection here has created trade-offs. The Neo Case has a lush leather feel to it and it features an all important clasp to keep the case shut which unlike the Slimfolio, means that there is hardly any chance of the case opening mid-drop.

For those who want to leave the wallet or handbag at home, you can store cards in the Neo Case as well so you can travel free of unnecessary clutter.

Pureflex Case

The Pureflex is the cheaper, lighter weight case from 3SIXT. It comes in at $29.95 and it’s one of those transparent, soft cases.

In all honesty these cases don’t really float my boat. They have the benefit of being lightweight and allow you to show of your phones colours but aside from that protection really isn’t the best. These cases are soft and while they do offer some form of protection, it is possible a crack could still occur and there is no front protection so if the phone falls on its face it’s game over.

These clear soft materials also tend to get some discolouration over time as well which makes them get a light browny tinge to them. Considering the likes of the Slimfolio and Neo Case are no more than $15 more expensive I’ve gotta recommend those over the Pureflex.

3SIXT cases are available online and through select retailers in New Zealand.

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