A Look at TPC Deere Run in The Golf Club 2019

Following on from our look at Hole 16 form TPC Boston in The Golf Club 2019, this time TPC Deere Run is featured. Once again it’s another Par 3 hole and funnily enough it’s also Hole 16! The people at HB Studios must really love the 16th hole on PGA tour courses!

In any case, sit back and enjoy a look at another Golf Course from HB Studios and their  latest edition of leading golf franchise, The Golf Club 2019.

The Golf Club 2019 is the first time the franchise will feature a PGA Tour licence. Obtaining that license means players will see 6 TPC golf courses appear, along with a career mode that will see players progress through Q-School, the Web.com Tour and then on to the PGA Tour.

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