Astro Reveals their Customisable Modular C40 TR Controller

The studio announced an entirely new product with the modular and highly customizable ASTRO C40 TR Controller. And, in case that wasn’t clear. Yes, ASTRO is now making gaming controllers!

As the newest addition to the best-selling Tournament Ready (TR) series, the modular and highly customizable ASTRO C40 TR will deliver a competitive edge while adapting to any gaming environment, ranging from professional tournaments to head-to-head competitions with friends.

The ASTRO C40 TR Controller delivers best-in-class features and premium components in an ergonomically comfortable controller that can withstand rigorous use by professional gamers in high-stress environments. The new C40 TR offers replaceable analog sticks and d-pad modules, swappable analog stick and d-pad positions, variable length stick tops, programmable rear buttons, custom software complete with stick and trigger sensitivity control, on-board button remapping, custom profiles and much more.

The ASTRO C40 TR will be available for PS4 and PC in early 2019.

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