Auckland tops list of most vulnerable cities in a zombie apocalypse

Also win State of Decay 2

New research released yesterday revealed how New Zealand and Australia would cope in the event of a zombie outbreak, and suggested that Auckland would be the fastest
to succumb from major cities across ANZ, with nearly 75,000 people infected in the first four days.

Meanwhile, residents in Queenstown would be more likely to survive, with the flesh-eating disease spreading slowly but at a stable rate.

The consumer research commissioned by Xbox Australia, in collaboration with the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety (CDMPS) to model the
fictitious spread of disease throughout Australian cities, marks the launch of new videogame State of Decay 2 (out today). The modelling gives major cities across New Zealand and Australia ‘Zombie Survival Index’ (ZSI) rankings, based on how well they would handle a life-altering outbreak, the safest being Darwin in Northern Territory, closely followed by Queenstown.

With more than 36% of Kiwis confident society could withstand such a threat, an outbreak could well bring out the very worst in society, with many resorting to drastic behaviour in a bid to survive. Most respondents admitted they would sacrifice a neighbour to the walking dead over their family pet, while only 33% of us would invite someone to take shelter in our home in the event an outbreak.

I mean, yeah, if it’s either you or my dogs you haven’t got a stranger’s chance in a zombie apocalypse of surviving that one.

If you need practice in case of zombie apocalypse, State of Decay 2 is out now. In this zombie survival fantasy, , players take control of a community of survivors, and it’s up to you to decide how to survive in an open, post-apocalyptic world you need to rebuild after the zombies rise.

State of Decay 2 is, incidentally, available now on Xbox One and Windows 10, and we’ve got a code to give away!

To be in to win, tell us your zombie survival strategy in ten words or less. Best plan wins. Winner drawn at 7pm Wednesday 30 May 2018.

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  1. Duncan says

    Stay indoors, play videogames, hope nobody notices (and Internet lives).

  2. Grant says

    Enya said it best. Sail away, sail away, sail away.

  3. Jim says

    Dance like I’m in “Thriller”, Talk like Vincent Price.

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