Fitbit Aria Air review

Well let's get one thing straight here; I have a lot of pus to make about the Fitbit Aria Air. It’s a Bluetooth connected smart scale, I mean, that’s such a bizarre concept that you just have to joke about it, Good thing it’s pretty damn

Concrete Genie review

Concrete Genie is an interesting game. There’s a fantastic idea behind it, and a beautiful aesthetic, but minor flaws are flies in the ointment with Sony’s latest exclusive. The game focuses on Ash, an artistic 14-year-old who lives on

Nintendo Switch Lite Review

So the Nintendo Switch Lite is pretty good, but I wouldn’t take it home to meet the parents.OK, yeah, that’s a weird thing to say. But I am actually travelling to see my parents in about a month, so it’s almost relevant. They’ve met (or

Nintendo Switch Lite Launches Today

The Switch Lite aims to make handheld play more accessible, with a love price point at the cost of docking functionality. The Nintendo Switch family of consoles welcomes a new member today with the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite, which

Mini Motorways looks Road-ally Awesome

Wellington-based studio Dinosaur Polo Club, creators of the excellent Mini Metro, have announced their new game: Mini Motorways. Mini Motorways, is a game about drawing the roads that drive a growing city. Here, you can build a road

OPPO Showcases New CameraX Capabilities

OPPO have announced that it will be among the latest batch of manufacturers to support Google’s CameraX, the new Android Jetpack support library for camera app development.  Google’s CameraX will be supported by a range of OPPO devices,