Super Rugby is back on Sky from today

The 2019 Investec Super Rugby season is shaping as a cracker in a very important year for New Zealand rugby. With a rare unbroken Investec Super Rugby season, this will truly be a battle of attrition for New Zealand’s five Super Rugby

Child’s Play Teaser Trailer Drops

Horror fans, especially old-school horror fans, all old frenemy is about to hit the big screen once again. That's right folks in an era of film-making where no movie is safe, Child's Play has has been given the boot, well re-boot in

What’s New to SoHo – February

If premium drama is your game, then Soho is the name...if the channel you'll be checking out. Here's what you can expect from SoHo and SoHo 2 for February. PS only a couple of months until Game of Thrones returns! SoHo: Counterpart

What’s New to Lightbox – February

Yeah we got lazy and haven't done these for a few months but we're back bringing you the streaming updates. The big one for February is Lightbox bringing Stargate fans a brand new show! Stargate Origins is coming on 18 February. Stargate