Big Mouth Season 2 review

Bigger and mouthier

Hormone monsters, lots of swearing, and plenty of masturbation. If you haven’t yet seen Big Mouth, prepare for a shock.

All this and more is to be expected with Netflix’s smash adult animated comedy, exploring the highs, lows, and downright awkwardness of discovery of puberty.

Season 1 was a genuine laugh-out-loud experience that captured the essence of going through puberty perfectly. I binged Season 1, and laughed until my sides got sore as Andrew, Nick, Jessi, and Jay’s journey of self-discovery bought back all of those awkward moments that I tried to forget from my own youth. At one point the Hormone Monster actively called me out for bingeing it, which was itself hilarious.

In Season 2, our favourite adolescents are back, hormone monsters in tow, and once more the laughs continue to flow. While we continue on the journey, Season 2 takes on a slightly different tone than Season 1. The first season was all about surviving the awkwardness of puberty, while now we tackle the next stage in the journey: anger and shame.

We all know and love those Hormone Monsters, but there’s a new addition this year in the form of the miserable Shame Wizard. I’m not going to spoil it, but prepare yourselves for what happens when the kids discover what its like to not be held back by the shame of puberty. Things get wild.

Everybody’s favourite man-child Coach Steve gets more screen time this season, and makes some new… friends? “I made thick in her warm” is quote I’m not going to forget for a VERY long time! We also see the showrunners use Coach Steve’s unique viewpoint as a telling critique of America’s flawed sex education lessons. That’s right; it’s getting political. And I love it.

The main stars of the show are still growing up. Nick is still angry that he hasn’t managed to achieve full-blown puberty. Andrew is as awkward and horny as ever as he battles with the shame of chronic masturbation. With the help of sites like XXX, he starts to become addicted to porn. As he is going through puberty, he does not quite understand what this all involves, without the “advice” from his hormone monster.
He also deals with romance explosions at the most inappropriate moments. Jessi is dealing with the fallout from her parents separation, and her Mum coming out as a lesbian, so of course poor Jessi is angry about it all. Even the ever-positive Missy battles her own body image issues, which results in a trip to a women’s nude bath house. Say what you like, but the show pushes the boundaries.

Big Mouth Season 2 manages to be bold, crude, and ridiculously funny. And yet it still sends a more serious message that will resonate with anyone who has gone through puberty. That’s the genius of the show; bring on Season 3.

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