Zelda: Link’s Awakening Preview

Bringing the old-school to the current generation I was so excited to get my hands on an advance copy of Link’s Awakening to review. Zelda is one of my favourite gaming franchises and, as someone who didn’t get to play the game on

OPPO Showcases New CameraX Capabilities

OPPO have announced that it will be among the latest batch of manufacturers to support Google’s CameraX, the new Android Jetpack support library for camera app development.  Google’s CameraX will be supported by a range of OPPO devices,

New Content on the Way for CONTROL

505 Games and Remedy Entertainment today announced a host of upcoming post-launch content for their supernatural action game Control. Upcoming content for the renowned supernatural action-adventure game includes: Photo Mode: Remedy is

Astral Chain Review

The story of Astral Chain isn’t hugely original, but it’s a cool future dystopian romp, with some funny and interesting characters to interact with.

Oppo Reno Z review

Why have hamburger when you could have steak? Well, lots of reasons.  Burgers are usually cheaper than steaks, so that’s a solid reason. Or you might not be hungry enough to eat a big ol’ sirloin. Or hey, you might legitimately just

DualShock 4 gets 4 new colours

PlayStation NZ has revealed four stylish new colours being added to their growing line-up of multicoloured Dualshocks to help you play in style starting this Spring, including: Since its launch almost six years ago, the DUALSHOCK 4

Muse Dash Review

This review is late. So very, very late. You know why? Because every darn time I sat down to write this thing, I found myself playing just a bit more Muse Dash instead. It’s that addictive. Muse Dash is a simple side-scroller rhythm