Brian’s Totally Realistic Hopes for E3 2018

Is it gonna happen? No. Should it? Also probably not.


I’m a guy who knows what he likes. I’m demanding, unrealistic, and not as funny as I think I am. Frankly, if I weren’t so devastatingly handsome, there’d be no reason to pay attention to me.

That being said: games people, please pay attention to me and give me what I want.

I’ll be at E3 in a couple of weeks, and if I see even half of what’s in this list, I will be a very happy boy.


Cyberpunk 2077

Let’s skip by this one fast; of course I want to see more Cyberpunk 2077. Everyone does. I adore cyberpunk games, as my recent Detroit: Become Human review probably made clear, and I am also deeply in love with CD Projekt Red as developers (yes, I’m going to bang on about The Witcher 3 forever, get over it).

It’s not unlikely we’ll see something of the new project, but that only adds to my anticipation. Show us the cyborgs, CDPR.


TimeSplitters Remastered

TimeSplitters is the greatest FPS series of all time. Yeah, I said it. Fight me. It remains a tragedy that the series basically died after TimeSplitters 3: Future Perfect, because that was an excellent, criminally underrated game that I spend an embarrassing amount of time playing in my youth.

Bring it back. Go on. Do it for Cortez. Do it for Carly-Beth. But most of all, do it for Grandpa, and a joke no one but me remembers…


The Last of Us 2

Guilty admission, I’ve still not completed The Last of Us. In fact, I own three copies of it, and haven’t finished it. That doesn’t mean I’m not excited for the next installment; on the contrary, maybe that;ll give me the final push to jump back into that futuristic funguscape.

See that? Wordplay, that is.

Plus TLOU2 looks dark as all hell, and I sometimes like games to push the envelope and challenge my sensibilities and the boundaries of good taste.

Of course, on the other hand, sometimes you just want something like:


Pokemon Switch

Alright, full disclosure, I had a whole thing written about wanting to see more Switch stuff, and Pokemon being my main hope. Then Nintendo, being Nintendo, eschewed good taste and dropped this news two weeks before the main event.

Gotta say, as a PR professional myself (when I’m not writing rambling nonsense here), I can’t help but admire their style.

Anyway, the fusion of Yellow reboot surgically grafted to Pokemon Go is intensely interesting, and if the tattoo on my right forearm doesn’t illustrate how much I want an Eevee buddy to follow me around, well then I don’t know what will. I want to see more.

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