Brian’s Totally Realistic Hopes for E3 2018

Is it gonna happen? No. Should it? Also probably not.

Arkane’s next steps

Getting into the vague territory now, because we don’t actually know what Arkane Studios, the developers of Dishonored and Prey (some of my favourite games) are doing at the moment. It’s likely we’ll find out at Bethesda’s E3 showcase what plans the French studio has; I’m personally hoping for more Dishonored, maybe moving off to Morley, which is basically the Ireland of the Isles. Or maybe a follow-up to last year’s Prey, because who doesn’t love sentient nanotech wrecking up the place?

Or something completely different; these guys have shown what they can do with new IPs, and that’s something the industry could always use more of. But I’m looking at you, Arkane.


The Elder Scrolls VI: Valenwood / Elsewyr / Orsinium / Summerset / Argonia

Give us something, Bethesda. We known you’re working on it. It’s been seven years since Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls Online just can’t scratch that itch. I don’t care where it is, or even if you just want to do a rebuild of Morrowind (which you could, you made all those assets for Dragonborn), I just need another Elder Scrolls single player RPG. After spending the guts of a decade in the frozen north, something a bit more exotic (and warmer) would be appreciated.


Untitled Ghost Story project

Some of you may have forgotten about Ken Levine and his post-Bioshock projects, but I sure haven’t. Not only because I respect the absolute hell out of the man, and the team, but because I know they know what they’re doing with game design. They also seem to be going the indie-AAA route that Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice did, which can only bode well, because that thing was hype.

C’mon Ken and co, show me a little something. Whether it’s similar to the Shock series or not, we’re ready for you to come back and take the throne again.


Whatever Shadows Die Twice is

From Software are a tricky bunch. They not only love to bury their lore with obscure hints and teases, but apparently they like to do the same with trailers.

What is this? Bloodborne 2? Hello Kitty Adventure? Bloodborne 2? It’s Bloodborne 2, isn’t it? Man, I want Bloodborne 2.

I’ve been enjoying Dark Souls Remastered, true, but I much prefer the pace of the dodey slashy than the blocky punchy. Gimme.


Fallout: Newer Vegas

Ok look,  I know it’s unlikely. In fact, I’m absolutely positive it’s not going to happen. And in the wake of that Bethesda tease, it’s way more likely we’ll see a Fallout 3 remastered than anything else [EDIT: Yeah, it’s Fallout 76, probably the online RPG no one asked for, my ideas are better]. But I can dream, and there is no game I want more than another Fallout made by Obsidian Entertainment. These are developers that not only truly understand the Fallout universe and what makes that sceneries great, but also know exactly how to do an RPG that’s not only challenging and immersive, and knows how and when to laugh at itself.

We need another game like New Vegas.

But who am I kidding, Bethesda could cut my foot off, saute it, and sell it back to me for $9.95 a piece and I’d still throw money at them. And maybe now, knowing that, they could be legends and give us New Reno.

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