Candleman: The Complete Journey to Light Up Steam

Got a light? No longer the question of choice reserved for smokers, it’s also a very important question that plagues gamers throughout, Candleman an indie game that lit up Xbox One in 2017 now coming to Steam on 31 January.

Candleman is a unique platformer that provides the player with just 10 seconds of light with which they are expected to use to light their way through levels and avoid obstacles. Clever players will call upon Candleman’s flame at just the right moment while negotiating creaky ships, enchanted forests, mystical caves, and more as they journey closer and closer to the mysterious light guiding them from the distance.

Candleman: The Complete Journey originated as an entry into the Ludum Dare game jam competition by Spotlightor co-founder and game creator Gao Ming, with the theme “10 seconds of light.” Emerging from the event as an award winner in several categories, Candleman went on to receive additional recognition on the web from Kongregate as well as within ID@XBOX, allowing Spotlightor to cultivate the game into a full length adventure.

“The positive reviews received from the press and our players overwhelmed us for the whole year after its debut on Xbox,” says Gao Ming, creator ofCandleman, “We are extremely proud to see the game we created at Ludum Dare 27 being recognized by influential individuals like Phil Spencer.”

Candleman: The Complete Journey launches on Steam with all the original plus DLC content included – telling the complete Candleman story. In addition, a new Time Challenge mode increases replayability as players race to top their scores. On the technical side, the enhanced specifications of today’s PCs allows for framerate optimizations, while increased resolutions up to 4k are now supported.

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