Culture Jam: PlayLink or PlayStink

PlayLink is an experiment that PlayStation has been trying for the last six months, Ben isn’t a fan, but Blair is.  You know what that means, it’s a Culture Jam!

Blair –

PlayLink is an interesting idea that is currently held back by the games on offer.

Imagine a game for example, where a bunch of people hold plastic buzzers, and get to play a trivia game.  It’s a whole bunch of fun for the whole family, or a bunch of drunk friends in an old broken flat.  Now imagine that game, let’s call it Buzz, but without the cost of entry that a bunch of extra hardware comes with.

I give you PlayLink.

The idea of it is you install the app from the app stores, and have them on the same WiFi connection as your console, and you have another controller.  You may think that everyone installing an app is a bunch of faff, well it isn’t. Even if that is the case, all you need to do is not throw out some of your old phones, and you can install the app in advance on them.

Sure, the library is weak, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.  I’ve heard the Planet of the Apes game is buggy, and That’s You is a poor version of Jack Box.  But the on the other side Singstar gives you Singstar without the mics, Knowledge is Power gives you Buzz without the buzzers, and Frantics is decent selection of fun mini games.

Sure, this experience won’t be for everyone, but I doubt someone feeling that way would have jumped on an equivalent with more expensive hardware.

Ben – PlayStink

I must admit when I first heard PlayLink was coming I thought it was a cool idea. A chance for you to play a game with a bunch of friends without the need to have a bunch of expensive DualShock 4 Controllers.

Then I tried it, numerous times and it’s PlayStink. There is potential there but I’m not judging it on potential. There have been many great ideas that have potential but it all amounts to nothing and it just becomes that weird elephant in the room that everyone has tried to find uses for but can’t exactly figure out what to do with it (cough, cough, Kinect).

PlayLink should create a fun party like atmospehere where a bunch of friends sit around drinking some beverages, I’d recommend milk or water of course. The reality is that PlayLInk is a flawed experience where you have to get everyone to download yet another app onto there phone, find where the hell the app is sitting on already over-clutter homes screens then battle to get a strong oft-elusive connection that should be so easy with Wi-Fi but often isn’t.

Then when you do get everyone setup you pop in a game like That’s You which seems like a hell of a lot of fun but is more like a regurgitated pizza, yep that’s right – one big unattractive mess that you can tell once probably had something going for it but in this state it just isn’t something you wanna spend any time with. Then we move on to some of the other games and whilst there is potential the bugs detract from the experience, almost as if the devs tried there hardest to make this work but gave up when even they couldn’t get it to work as intended.

Why flog a dead horse? It’s already dead so don’t try and resuscitate the poor thing. PlayLink is PlayStink and before we mock it like the Kinect let’s just uninstall the app and pretend it never even existed, pretty much what we’ve all done with the game Evolve…


So where do you land?  Do you think PlayLink is a good idea? Or is PlayStink already doomed?

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