CultureJam – Fallout 76

Ben and Brian argue over whether Fallout 76 will be a Great One or a Great Waste

Ben – Vault Oh-Boy!

On what basis do I think it will be good? Well, not a hell of a lot to be honest; Fallout 3 was amazing and Fallout 4 was mediocre. That being said, if the rumour-mill is on the money and this is some sort of online multiplayer RPG, then it has potential to be something special.

Imagine getting in there and exploring the wasteland with a bunch of other nuclear-holocaust survivers that are actually real people! You now that there are gonna be lunatics out there that have had a little too much radiation exposure and are going to be crazys SOB’s. There are also going to be a bunch of survivors that just want to go about their business and build a post-nuclear world in peace and that could create a very interesting online dynamic that I’d like to explore more of.

Now if it’s an online Battle Royale style multiplayer game then I’m all in. I love Battle Royale games and if they could create a game that captures the heart-pounding excitement of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s and fuses it with the fort building style of Fortnite then Fallout 76 could be an absolute winner.

For now that’s what I’m going to believe Fallout 76 is and on that basis it’s gonna be good!


Brian – Fallout. Fallout shouldn’t change.

I’m not saying that Fallout 76 is probably a pseudo-MMO experience, equivalent to the bastard child of Elder Scrolls Online and Metal Gear Survive. Nor am I saying that Fallout 4 was the weakest series entry in the series and the DLC on that and ESO show a hunger for cash over a thirst for quality. And I’m definitely not saying that I think all of that flies in the face of everything the Fallout series is about.

Wait, no. I think all of those things.

I’ve been playing these games for a decade, and I know what I like. I play Fallout to be an antisocial weirdo, and always end up on the aggro end of neutral karmically. This sort of thing doesn’t fly in an MMO and, if we look at ESO as an example of what this could be, it doesn’t look that fun. I love Elder Scrolls and Fallout, but for the solitude, not the companionship. I have games that do that for me – just Overwatch, really – and that’s enough for me.

I like my games like I like my showers – a strictly solo experience, unless you want to hear me belt out off-key folk metal or are going to engage in sexual situations. I do not expect Fallout 76 to fulfill either of those and, frankly, I don’t think I want it to.


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