E3 From the Floor

So I’m here in Los Angeles for E3, where else would I be at this time of year? Two full days of the show are done and dusted and there has been a lot to take in.

In amongst the hustle and bustle of crowds and the who’s who of gaming I’ve been lucky enough to get behind the scenes with a number of the biggest games from E3 2016. Full write ups on the crème de la crème of gaming will be coming but in the meantime I thought it was time to give you all an insight into some of the wonders that have I’ve seen so far.

After an epic press conference that featured a full orchestra playing game soundtracks live and that amazing unveil for God of War I got to get a closer a look at a few of the big PlayStation exclusives.

Let’s start with the big one, God of War.
The scene was set at the press conference and behind the scenes I got another look at the demo and got some more insight from the devs. The short story is God of War is looking AMAZING! The newest instalment is set in Norse Mythology and is a new chapter for Kratos, not a reboot, rather it’s the start of a new story focussing on the changes in Kratos’ life. The biggest change of course is that Kratos now has a son. At the heart and sould of God of War is a father and son story that would have Kratos pulling out his hair (if he had any) as he wrestles with the challenge of fatherhood and bringing out the warrior in his son.

God of War will be featuring a free movement camera which is even in play during the epic battles so players will get the chance to experience God of War in a new way. There are many intimate moments to be shared between KRatos and his son and the new camera plays a key role in brining that emotion into the living room of gamers. I could go into more detail but then you wouldn’t read the full feature on God of War when it is up ;).

Time to talk a bit about Horizon Zero Dawn.
This one excited me when it was announced at E3 2015 and a year on the excitement levels continue to rise for a title that is showing so much promise. The devs have done a great job of avoiding leaks and there is still much we don’t know about the world or Aloy.

One of the biggest changes to the world that we now see are Corrupters. These guys can corrupt other machines and turn these mighty mechanical beasts into walking death traps that are more than happy to destroy villages and tribes.

Looting machines for resources is a big part of the game as is Aloy’s focus ability. By using focus, Aloy is able to scope out machines, learn their weaknesses and then choose how she is going to fight them. This open world title is one that you just can’t help but get excited about.

Outside of PlayStation, Warner Bros have a decent line up this year and I got to go hands on with Injuctice 2.

Injustice 2 retains many aspects of the first Injustcie but brings in new characters, suchs as Gorillia Grood and borrows some RPG elements by introducing gear. Win or lose, after every game players will get gear drops which can be equipped to level up your character and make them more formidable.

Transitions on levels are over the top in the best possible way and special moves are so big that I couldn’t believe a character could get up after such attacks. Keep an eye on a bigger write up ion this one because it has lots of potential to be one of the better fighting games due out.

We went behind the doors with Xbox as well. Believe it or not the highlight was the platform update briefing. There’ll be a large write up on this but in short Xbox Live is evolving in the best possible way. Looking for Groups surprised me, being able to create tags and select pre defined ones to search for people to play with is brilliant. Playing a game like Call of Duty where pre-pubescent teens are talking about what they did to your Mum may be funny but it gets lame very quickly. Being able to search for a group of players who want to avoid trash talk is a great way to play with like minded people to enhance the in game experience.

Well that is a VERY quick wrap, I’ve got pages of notes and plenty of audio memos to work through for full features. I’ve just come out of seeing some Watch Dogs 2 and playing Ubisofts big titles so an update will come on the last day. For know though I must head off to go meet with the guys at PlayStation and go check out The Last Guardian.

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