Early Access Review: Operation Warcade VR

Operation Warcade VR is a Virtual Reality wave based shooter which provides plenty of nostalgia and a unique spin on a familiar VR genre.

Fans of the classic Operation Wolf or similar arcade shooters from the 90s will instantly feel right at home. The game launches with you standing in front of two arcade machines; One providing a ‘traditional’ arcade shooter experience, the other transporting you into a large imax style screen experience for you to enjoy the game. It’s a fun way to hide the ‘menu’ user experience within a virtual reality interface.

Once you are in the game, nostalgia reigns supreme. The tried and true arcade shooter cliches are all here; dumb soldiers running from spawn, exploding barrels, incredibly fragile helicopters and lots of explosions.

Experiencing this all in virtual reality however, provides an extremely unique and refreshing trip down memory lane. It also allows for the major selling point; the ability to be transported directly into the arcade machine at key moments to experience the soldier’s first person perspective.

Wave based shooters are slowly becoming a tired VR genre, but this unique mix of ‘physical’ arcade machine mechanics and first person perspective provides a unique spin on the genre. The feeling of using an actual arcade machine allows you to overlook the cliches of the arcade shooter genre and simply have fun.

With over 108 missions over 36 levels, this early access title packs plenty of value.

Operation Warcade VR was reviewed from code provided by Ivanovich Games

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