First Hands on impressions With Totaku Figures

Culture Jam gets their hands on the new collectibles

Since the Totaku figures have been announced they have been spoken about as if they were PlayStation’s answer to Amiibo, without that functionality.

This is a little unfair as they are just collectible figures, and more importantly, since a Sea of Thieves one has been released, they aren’t isolated to PlayStation’s icons.

We got our hands on the Crash Bandicoot, Heihachi, Jin, and Evan ones to see what they are actually like.


If you get them in this first wave, the box will have this lovely “FIRST EDITION” label at the back.  This will only be relevant to collectors keeping them in their boxes, and as you can see next, we aren’t them.

And here are the figures out of their collectible boxes, which with the exception of King Evan’s face, all look very good, and at slightly bigger than an Amiibo, a fairly sturdy for their price.

Fortunately, if you like the background in the box, but don’t want to keep it in it’s case, they lift out as below.

With the exception of some of the finer details like faces, they are top notch figures.  The Crash one especially is a winner.  But I would recommend seeing them in store if you can so you can weigh up one like King Evan in person.

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