First hours with Sea of Thieves as a total N00b

Blair takes on sea of Thieves with no experience from the betas, to let you know what it is like to start the game.

So, Sea of Thieves released on Xbox One yesterday, and thanks to hype for the game, I decided to avoid the beta’s and hit the game blind on release.  This means my learning curve will be like many other players, who will be playing it for the first time, and will hit potentially the same walls I did.

So here is my first few hours experience with Sea of Thieves.

The game kicks in with a short video, not explaining much, but giving a very light gist of the experience.  It then had me choose a pirate, and what type of ship I wanted.  I thought I was being eased in nicely so chose a larger vessel.

Expecting to be eased in I found myself in a tavern, some people were chatting on the mic’s so I assumed we had all just dropped in.  After hearing a little chit chat, I discover they are on the boat and sailing, while I am still in the tavern confused.

Fortunately, I dropped in with 3 lovely people from America and Australia.  They explained that if I find a mermaid with a flare, it will transport me to the ship.  This is something you use regularly in the game, so learning it here was useful, but when I joined the ship it had just started sinking so I was running around frantically trying to help but having no idea what was going on or where to find wood.

It turns out, as I discovered later, that barrels regularly contain bananas for health regeneration, wood, for fixing hulls, and cannon balls.  Also using your equipment wheel mapped to LB, lets you access things like a bucket for scooping water out of your boat.

Fortunately, my team got the boat patched up and we made our way to the island where we needed to destroy many skeletons.  After a good half hour of dying, respawning, and using the mermaid to get back to the ship, a schooner turned up with ill intentions.

This then proceeded to be about 2 hours of our ships sinking each other and nobody getting more than a few minutes on the island working on the quest.  Our team regularly asked the other schooner for peace time, which was greeted by “f**k you” being said multiple times.

This is thanks to proximity chat, whereby you can talk to people outside of your party when they are close enough to you.  We kept trying to reason with them, suggesting we split the loot as otherwise we would just keep going in this pointless loop, to which they would say “f**k you”.

Eventually two of my team mates dropped off, and myself and my remaining team member proceed to send the ship off in another direction to do anything else.  A couple of other newbies joined us, and thanks to the experience I got here I finally started to understand the mechanics of sailing the ship.

My experienced team mate dropped off and it was just me and two newbies exploring islands and having a bit of fun, even though I did have to ask one of the members to stop using the N word so frequently.

Leaving after a few hours I feel like I have experienced a lot of the game, but never got to see a quest through.  It was stressful at the start, but I did begin to enjoy myself by the end.  I will sink many more hours in before I put a review together, but boy the game needs a tutorial for newbies to do a dummy run as there is a lot to learn.  And with a popular game online, you are going to experience the best and worst of the online community, so be prepared.

This game will be bananas good with a group of friends, but it looks like it will be a challenge solo.


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