Freeview Embraces the Future of TV with Two New Devices

Freeview TV has embraced the future of TV by releasing two brand new devices that are both powered by Android TV. The first device is a semi-traditional set-top box with the capability to tap into both Satellite and UHF Freeview as well as Record multiple channel and also run apps from Android, including Chromecast. The second is where the real future of TV is seen, a tiny Chromecast like device that will fully stream Freeview channels plus apps from Android TV. 

These announcements means that Sky TV, is languishing behind once again as the only TV platform in NZ not to offer a full, live TV streaming platform. Sure they have Sky Go but it is riddled with bugs and struggles to work, FanPass is also an overpriced lemon. 

In any case this article is about what Freeview is doing so let’s give you the full-fat versions of the release info.

Streaming apps and Freeview features now seamlessly combined in New Freeview Recorder

Freeview, in collaboration with Dish TV, Googleand local content providers, has released the first Android TV powered PVR in New Zealand.

The New Freeview Recorder combines the entire suite of Freeview features with the added choice of apps and extra content available through Google Play.

It’s also the first PVR to come with multiple UHF and satellite tuners, taking the guess-work out of setting up as it can be connected to an existing UHF aerial or satellite dish.  Once set up, its multiple tuners enable simultaneous recording, including series linking, across multiple channels.

Viewers have the freedom to record, pause, rewind and watch TV they love across more than 20 channels, as well as stream hundreds of fantastic shows and movies through Freeview On Demand, all subscription-free. 

In addition to this, viewers can explore Android TV apps on Google Play as well as “Featured Apps” such as Lightbox which come pre-loaded.  After launch, the list of Featured Apps is expected to grow to include Stuff Pix and other NZ streaming apps.

Freeview CEO, Jason Foden says the product is tailored to our changing viewing habits and expectations.

“The new recorder reflects our commitment to providing the best possible viewing experience to all New Zealanders.  That means catering to the growing number of people who prefer to stream content, but also Kiwis who love the ease of traditional broadcast TV and the added control that comes with recorded content.

“The seamless integration of TV in all its forms, be it broadcast, recorded or streamed, will provide the best Freeview experience to date.  The recorder combines the Android TV platform with the same viewer-led user experience we recently deployed across Smart TVs to offer viewers the broadest possible range of content.” Foden concludes.

Designed locally, in partnership with Pukete-based company Dish TV, the New Freeview Recorder comes with Chromecast built-in as well as a dedicated 1TB hard drive storing up to 500 hours of recorded content.  It’s priced at $439 and will be available from all good electronics stores starting this week.

Find out more about the New Recorder here:

Product Features

  • 1TB internal hard drive;
  • Chromecast built-in;
  • 4k HDR;
  • Powered by Android TV O (version 8.0);
  • Access LIGHTBOX and STUFF PIX with subscription;
  • Download to access Android TV apps via Google Play;
  • The entire suite of Freeview features, available subscription-free:
  • Freeview Live TV – watch broadcast TV across more than 20 channels;
  • Freeview Record – record, pause, rewind any programme on Live TV, with series-linking and multi-channel recording;
  • Freeview On Demand – stream, with a single Freeview account, all content from TVNZ OnDemand, ThreeNow and Māori Television On Demand.

FreeviewLive TV can now be streamed without the need for an antenna

Freeview has just launched its first Live TV streaming platform, the latest in a range of recent Freeview innovations.  In collaboration with DishTV and Google, the first Freeview streaming device – the Dish TV SmartVU X – is now available.

The Freeview streaming device provides Kiwis access to live TV without the need for an antenna, as well as apps such as Netflix, Lightbox, Stuff Pix, YouTube and more on Google Play.

Small yet powerful, it fits into the palm of your hand and can stream 4K HDR content to your Ultra HD TV in striking detail.  Its cleverly designed to magnetically attach to the back of the TV, making it as unobtrusive as possible.

Users can scroll through Freeview channels using its Bluetooth remote, and instantly watch live streams of each selected channel.  It feels just as easy as watching broadcast TV, the only difference is that with the Freeview streaming device, the broadcast is delivered over the internet, rather than over the air.

Freeview CEO, Jason Foden says this is arguably Freeview’s most innovative product yet.

“The Freeview streaming device will help us deliver the best free viewing experience to even more New Zealanders. It’s estimated around 10 percent of New Zealand households don’t have access to broadcast TV via a UHF aerial or satellite dish, this device provides those Kiwis with Freeview as well as other entertainment options.

“We’re confident this will resonate with an increasing number of Kiwis looking to access TV services and apps over IP. The device launch shows Freeview is embracing the future of TV delivery. While viewers will need access to high speed Internet, the Freeview streaming device does not require a dedicated connection or for the viewer to be a customer of a particular ISP.”

The Dish TV SmartVU will offer streaming Live TV at launch and Freeview On Demand will be available in the new year.  Freeview also looks forward to announcing more content partnerships in the near future to enrich the viewing experience delivered on its new TV streaming platform.

Designed locally in partnership with Dish TV, the SmartVU comes with Chromecast built-in, coupled with voice search on the Bluetooth remote.  It’s priced at $139 and available from all good electronic stores throughout the country.

Learn more here:

Product Features

  • Stream selected Freeview channels including all TVNZ channels, Three, Bravo, Māori TV, The Edge TV, ThreeLife & more
  • Chromecast built-in
  • 4k Ultra HD + HDR
  • Powered by Android TV (version 8.0 Oreo)
  • Subscribe to access Netflix, LIGHTBOX and STUFF PIX (coming soon), with more content to come
  • Download to access even more Android TV apps via Google Play

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