From the Ashes DLC Released for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Warhorse Studios have released their first premium piece of DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance entitled, From the Ashes.

The first DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance introduces an entirely new type of adventure! Players will have an opportunity to participate in the genesis of a new village from its very inception and experience first-hand what it was like to manage a new settlement.

As the newly appointed bailiff players have to decide which buildings to build, what people to bring and how to settle disputes. Players don’t own it – they manage it! Each building is unique and comes with its own upgrades, requirements for materials, workforce, and costs so players will face some difficult decisions.

A bailiff’s lot is hard for sure but even he can have some fun after a hard day’s work. Taking one of the new horses for a ride, roll the dice against seasoned gamblers in the players new local tavern, matching one’s skills against variously experienced opponents in their combat arena or just staying in and taking it easy inside the players own town hall.

  • Manage a village and control the finances. Plan accordingly and take care of your reputation.
  • Upgrade your Buildings and get unique items helping you on your journey through Bohemia
  • Hire special NPC’s and upgrade your production with well-known characters from the game
  • Mediate disputes: Your choices will influence the wellbeing of your citizens and budget
  • Establish a new home: Combine all gameplay mechanics of KCD in one place – create your home village!

From the Ashes is available now on to purchase for Kingdom Come: Deliverance on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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