GadgetJam – To Bezel or not to Bezel

That is... well, not THE question, but it's A question.

Bezel-less – Ben
Once you go no bezel you never go back. End of Story. If you are on the side of the fence that still think big bezels are cool and sexy (cough, Brian) then I hate to break it to you but you and your phone have not been cool, nor sexy for a couple of years now.

Whether, you’re on the Apple side of the fence or Samsung’s or Huawei’s for that matter, each one of the big three smartphone manufacturers now offer at least one flavour of smartphone that features a bezel-less or near bezel-less design. It’s not until you try the likes of the the iPhone X, Galaxy S8, S9, Note 8 or the Huawei P20 or P20 Pro, that you realise that removing bezels is the way of the future.

Yeah going bezel-less has some challenges with things like no physical buttons or front camera housing but those are things that we can easily over come. By removing bezels we get a bigger screen in a smartphone form factor that is the same size as that bezel hogging monster you are currently using.

Smartphones are a way of life now and we use them for everything. Consuming hours upon hours of content on them and every last inch counts (yes I’m still talking about smartphone screens). Generally a bigger screen means a bigger phone but now we have more screen and less phone which means you don’t need hands the size of Andre the Giant in order to have a 5.5 – 6 inch screen on your smartphone. You can consume more of the content you love with a phone that is basically all screen.

If you don’t love that then you can take your brick phone and enjoy cramping your hand as you try and get your fingers past the bezel and accessing your apps.


Simply the Bezelest – Brian

Bezels are cool and sexy.

Right, I’m no Trump supporter but I like having boundaries between what’s over there and what’s over here. Without a bezel, you’ve got some kind of flat Earth device, and you’re likely to lose yourself on the edge.

I’m not a fan of how phones are going these days. I liked buttons, and being able to text without looking, and dammit the bezel is the last thing that makes these look like phones. It’s not going to be long before we stop calling them phones altogether (we’ve already started that, look how many times Ben said smartphone), and just accept ‘device’ as a catch-all term; I won’t call you, I’ll device you.

This is not the future liberals want. Blondie didn’t sing Device Me. Lady Gaga and Beyonce didn’t want you to stop devicing them on the dancefloor.

We so often talk about how things feel, the tactile sensation of controllers, gadgets, and devices. Well, for the sake of an extra millimeter of screen, we’re losing an aesthetic that I quite like. Ben complained about the XZ1’s bezel earlier this year; well, I’m a SONY fanboy, and have used Xperia since it became a thing. They look nice, don’t they?

This bezel is familiar, and comforting, and I realise I sound crazy but shut up I like knowing where my screen ends and the chassis begins, sue me.

Back me up, friends.



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