Games of Thrones is Back on Monday – Here’s the full NZ Broadcasting Details

Let’s be honest, Monday isn’t the most inspiring day of the week. You’re back at work and wondering where the weekend went, counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until those precious couple of days off come and go all over again.

Well this Monday 15 April is a Monday to rejoice over for Game of Thrones fans. Season 8 will finally be back on our screens after 19 long, agonising months. Thankfully Neon has every season on demand and Sky TV played all seven seasons on the Box Sets channel because I needed the refresher to remember where we were left at the end of season seven.

With the wait almost over we thought we’d give you the full broadcast details for New Zealand. When it will be on, where to watch it and also fill you in on the additional supplementary programming that will go with the final season.

When and where will it air?

In New Zealand Game of Thrones Season 8 will air on SoHo channel at the same time it airs in the US. For us that means weekly at 1pm starting from Monday 15 April. SoHo will also have weekly encore screenings at 10:30pm from Wednesday 17 April.

If you don’t have Sky then you better make damn sure that you have Neon which is where you’ll find it online in New Zealand. It won’t be shown live on Neon but it will be available on the same day so expect to see it on 15 April. Traditionally it’s usually available between 7-8pm and before you start abusing Neon about it taking “too long” to be available on Neon, it isn’t an instantaneous process to get an episode up on the platform. Neon has to wait until HBO makes the episode available to them which is probably just after the episode have finished screening. Then the tech guys have to get it up on the Neon servers and do a hell of a lot of testing to make sure your beloved Westeros doesn’t turn into a buffering or heavily pixelated mess while you’re trying to watch it.

What other content will be available?

For all the analysis of what’s going on in Season 8 eager fans will be able to watch Thronecast. From the premiere of Season 8, Thronecast will recap each episode with special guests, reacting to every epic moment, unexpected death and unforeseen twist.

It will be available on SoHo straight after the encore screening of each episode so from Wednesday 17 April. The start time will vary depending on the running time of each episode in Season 8. For Neon fans, you get Thronecast early, it will be available on Tuesday every week.

But I still want more is there anything else?

Yes there is. Once the final episode in our beloved Thrones is finished there will be one last final journey we can take through Westeros.

Game of Thrones Last Watch will screen on Monday 27 May at 1pm and again at 8pm. It will also appear later that day on Neon.

Say farewell to one of the most beloved series of all time with this incredibly emotional special. Follow the cast and crew as they work on the entirety of Season 8, from the show’s biggest stars to its unsung extras. You’ll go behind the scenes, seeing the first table reads, the special effects, the construction of final sets, the final days of shooting and so much more.

But I need even more than that, there must be more, surely?

Look you’ve milked me dry for information on Season 8, there is no more, you need to accept that this is it. I don’t want it to end anymore than you do but OK I do have one last thing. Check out this video of the stars talking about what souvenirs they wish they could keep from the set.

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