God of War Media Kit Unboxing

God of War is due out in just 10 days and being the respected, wonderful media outlet that we are (yeah I know some of you have never heard of us but don’t hate the player, hate the game) we have received the God of War media kit ahead of release so that we can smash through the game and bring the masses our views on the latest adventure of that kickass legend that is Kratos.

The media kit is a thing of beauty, bring the Nordic culture to the forefront. I could go on and on about it but pictures speak louder than words so without any further fluff take a look at the media kit and feel free to share your thoughts!

We’ve started playing God of War and will bring you a review pretty damn soon. In the meantime what we can say is that the game is…… NOPE NOT TELLING!

PS – All photos were taken on the Samsung Galaxy S9, which we are also reviewing (blatant cross promotion acknowledged).

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  1. Nick Bolte says

    If it’s possible I will pay you $120 for the kit, I’ve been dying to have it but unfortunately I am not part of the media. If there is any chance of this happening pls text or call

    1. Ben Carmichael says

      sorry mate this kit is definitely not for sale

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    […] especially from the client and key figures at Santa Monica Studio – resulting in extensive social media coverage and YouTube unboxings. Imagery of the kit and it’s production below, with further imagery to be […]

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