If you think Bethesda’s Tease is Fallout 5 you’ll be wrong

Overnight, Bethesda once again proved that they know how to make Fallout fans lose their minds. One single #PleaseStandBy tweet was all it took to get people worked up into a frenzy about what we should be standing by for.

Could it be Fallout 5? Well, yes it could, but it won’t. While I would love the tease to be for Fallout 5, I personally think we have more chance of Sega announcing a Dreamcast 2 at E3 than we do of Bethesda announcing Fallout 5.

But why can’t it be Fallout 5, I hear you ask. Well, Fallouts 1 and 2 aside, it took a decade for Fallout 3 to be released, and another seven years for Fallout 4. I have no doubt that Bethesda have another Fallout in the early stages of development, but it would be a major surprise if they have Fallout 5 at a stage that is ready to make a reveal on this grandest stage of all, E3.

Granted, the 100 or so people that worked on Fallout 4 wasn’t the largest development team we’ve seen, but for Fallout 5 to be ready to show at E3, a mere three years after the release of Fallout 4, would have required a development team to be working on that around the time that they were preparing to get Fallout 4 to gold. Not an impossible task for a team with the resources of Bethesda Game Studios, but highly unlikely given that the eager beavers in the gaming world notice when a studio is taking on staff to prepare to develop a new game in a major franchise.

Plus, there’s an Elder Scrolls VI and whatever new IP BGS are doing to come first. So, if this isn’t Fallout 5, what are we standing by for?

The most likely scenario is that Bethesda are going to release a full remaster of Fallout 3. Remasters are well and truly in fashion at the moment and, given the fact that fans and journos alike still rave over Fallout 3 (Editor’s note: it’s the best game of the last generation, fight me), it makes excellent sense for Bethesda to remaster their classic re-invigoration of the beloved franchise. With the kind of power under the hood in the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, Bethesda can not only introduce a new generation of gamers to the masterpiece that is Fallout 3, but also wow the veterans with a full makeover of the RPG that brought post-apocalyptic Washington D.C to life in a way that will never be replicated. Fallout 3 running at 60fps in native 4k? Um, yes please! Not to mention that a remaster requires a hell of a lot less resources to bring to life than it does to create a brand new installment of a beloved franchise; not to be cynical, but this is just caps in the Vault for Bethesda.

If you want Fallout 5, prepare to wait another few years before we see anything. If you are ready for a Fallout 3 remaster, prepare for the announcement to set the world on fire in a couple of weeks.

And for once, Bethesda, release on October 23, the date of the Great War. Give us that, just once.

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  1. jeff says

    they wouldnt put this much hype into a f3 remaster and f5 is coming before tes6 anyway

  2. Jeff says

    Damn, this is straight up uneducated

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