Jamming Wellygeddon – Part 1

Brian and Blair hit up Wellington's biggest geek expo

Thanks to Neon, Blair and Brian checked out Armageddon in Wellington over the long weekend. Blair enjoyed the experience, even though it’s been a while since he last indulged.

I haven’t been to Armageddon for many years; in fact, the last time I went it was still at the TSB Arena, and after a couple of days there I can honestly say I have been missing out.

If you are thinking of checking it out, the main thing you want to look at is the schedule. Getting photos with the movie\TV stars is behind a paywall, but they still have panels which are open to the public. Panels are basically Q & A sessions with the stars, and it is a lot of fun, even if you duck in for a short while to see them answer the weird questions the nerdiest of Wellingtonians had lined up.

They were spread out over the three days, with each star appearing twice, across two stages. The main stage was a pop-up built in the seating of Westpac Stadium, with the second being the Pavilion bar. This makes it super accessible for anyone wanting to wander in, have a watch, and duck out if it isn’t your speed. We did.

Between these main events are other attractions, such as the classic Kamehameha competition, anime screenings, and general sessions such as one about taking better photos of your cosplaying. There is enough variety that you will get out of it as much as you want.

Outside of this are the masses of stands around the concourse. Most of these are shops selling more or less the same stuff, though while browsing I broke down and dropped some coin on a sweet D.Va gun. There is a wrestling ring, and other events going on, as well as stand with comic/anime artists/ actors which doesn’t cost. So even if you’re not prepared to drop the money on a photo with Hawkeye, you can still meet some stars for your entry price, depending on your level of fandom.

Neon -shameless plug- put on a stage with a green-screen photobooth for some upcoming shows, and a prize wheel, where if you signed up for a trial you could win a pop vinyl or jelly beans. So even sponsors put in the effort to make it worthwhile weekend.

The cosplay was top notch, from Overwatch to Dragonball and back again. I wandered around with Brian, who dressed very lazily as Assassin’s Creed’s Desmond on Friday, and Supernatural’s Castiel on Sunday. He was recognised and photographed by strangers each time, which pleased him, even if he seemed a bit confused by what was going on. I’ll let him fill you in.

Overall, Wellington Armageddon was a blast, and well worth a look.

Read Brian’s thoughts here.

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