Kiwi’s affected by Gmail outage overnight

If you’re waking up this morning and opening your Gmail to find that you don’t have as many emails as you expected then never fear. Your contacts haven’t abandoned you, it’s all Google’s fault because Gmail suffered an outage while those of us in New Zealand were sleeping during the night.

Whilst the outage predominantly affected users in the US and UK, New Zealand was not exempt with some people unable to access email during the outage which was reported on Google’s App Status Dashboard at 3:16am this morning. As at 7:40am, Google are reporting that service has been restored to some users. We run our email through Gmail and services are working fine but if you are still having trouble accessing Gmail then hang in there and check the status updates from Google.

Anyone affected by the outage need to worry about losing emails that were sent during the outage. As service is restored to affected users, emails will slowly start to trickle through that were sent during the period that has been affected.

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