Latest Windows 10 Update adds more support for Xbox App

As originally shared on Xbox Wire overnight, the Xbox App has received a hefty update on Windows 10 which is available now.

Feedback from participants in the Xbox app beta programme has been taken on board and will change the way gamers interact with other people through the app.

The app now allows better connection with friends by allowing Xbox Live members to easily find and add their Facebook friends who are also on Xbox Live to play, chat, and share clips with.

Additionally, you can now voice record commentary for Game DVR clips for your games using a headset mic connected to your PC and share them with your friends on Xbox Live through the Xbox app and any social network or sharing option on your PC. In addition, now your capture Game DVR clips for ALL games you’re playing on Windows 10. The Store section in the Xbox app has also been optimized to bring you to the Xbox Store providing quicker access to more content including the latest and most popular in Windows 10 and Xbox One games. You’ll also be able to redeem Games with Gold games and discounted games through Deals with Gold.

Here’s an overview of the new experiences that you can now enjoy:

Facebook friend finder in the Xbox app and on Inspired by a top requested fan feature, we’re bringing two of your favorite social networks together – Xbox Live and Facebook – and making it easier than ever to find more people to play games and have fun with. In the Friends column on the right side of the Xbox app, look for the Facebook icon in the Suggested Friends area. Click it to link your Facebook account to your Xbox Live account and start seeing suggestions for Facebook friends who you can add on Xbox Live. Facebook friend finder can also be found in the Settings area of the Xbox app.
As your friends link their Facebook accounts to their Xbox Live accounts, you’ll see increasing numbers of Facebook friend suggestions, so be sure to spread the word. One easy way to do this: when you first link your Xbox Live account to your Facebook account in the Xbox app, take advantage of the “Share to Facebook” option which will generate an “I’m on Xbox” post on your Facebook timeline.

When your friends see your shared “I’m on Xbox” post on Facebook, they can click through and access the Facebook friend finder on, which also becomes available this week. In this way, web users on any platform and device can grow their Xbox Live network with Facebook friends as well.

Record voiceover in your Game DVR clips on your PC: With today’s Xbox app update running on the latest Windows 10 update, you can now plug in a headset and narrate your Windows 10 game clips with your own voice using Game bar and Game DVR hotkeys. To turn microphone recording on or off for a gaming session, press Win + Alt + M. Want to turn microphone recording on for all gaming sessions? Go to Game bar > Settings > Audio or Xbox app > Settings > Game DVR > Audio. And if you like personalizing your Game DVR hotkeys and want to customize the microphone recording hotkey, do it here: Game bar > Settings > Shortcuts or Xbox app > Settings > Game DVR > Keyboard shortcuts.
Share your Windows Store game clips with your voiceover commentary with your friends on Xbox Live through the Xbox app, or share any of your game clips on the social network of your choice through your PC. However you might encounter some update issues with your Windows 10; if this is the case, this seemed to help with the Windows update conflict 0x80240009.

Record ANY game on your Windows 10 PC: The recent Windows 10 update also enables you to record game clips and capture screenshots for ALL games, including PC games where Game bar and Game DVR hotkeys didn’t work earlier.
Xbox Store section: The Store section in the Xbox app will now bring you into the Xbox Store – a launching point for browsing and searching for both Windows 10 and Xbox One games. The new interface allows you to see more content in the Store at a glance and brings you the latest crop of the most popular Windows 10 and Xbox One games, plus you can redeem Games with Gold games or get discounted games through Deals with Gold. Additional details on Xbox Store improvements that we tested recently in the Xbox beta app and have now officially released to the Xbox app can be found here.

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