Microsoft Studios Games to Release on Xbox Game Pass at Release Day

In a major announcement overnight, Xbox have announced that any games published by Microsoft Studios will release straight into the Xbox Game Pass service the same day that the game gets a worldwide release.

You heard that right folks, Xbox’s biggest first party titles will be available to download and play for free as long as you are paying your $10.95 per month subscription fee.

The first game that will go straight into Xbox Game Pass is Sea of Thieves when it releases worldwide on March 20. Sea of Thieves is currently retailing on pre-order for around $90-odd in New Zealand so based on the cost of Xbox Game Pass it would take just over 8 months of playing Sea of Thieves to get to the cost of the retail version. Throw in the fact that you get access to a game library of over 100 games to play as part of the subscription and there is no longer any reason to buy retail or digital copies of games published by Microsoft Studios.

Following Sea of Thieves into Xbox Game Pass on their worldwide release date will be State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 and any other future Microsoft Studios titles which would include the Forza franchise, Gears of War and Halo.

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