More Goodness announced for SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION

Street Smart & Prehistoric Isle Break Bones on their way

If you want more old school goodness (or potential badness) on your Switch, get excited for Street Smart and Prehistoric Isle which are both coming to the SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION.

Check out the trailer below to see why you should (or shouldn’t) be interested, and the blub below to find out more about these titles.


What is Street Smart?
This 1989 beat’em up classic is all about throwing down your best fighting moves and claiming all the glory. Players can fight in eight directions with two unique fighting styles. Pick between the quick hitting moves of “Karate-man,” or the walloping hits of “Wrestler!”

What is Prehistoric Isle?
Originally released in 1989, Prehistoric Isle features two pilots who explore an island, where many planes have disappeared, to discover a whole world full of unexpected discoveries! This horizontal shooter will take you on a trip to the era of Dinosaurs!

Get ready to have a blast within the rad collection contained in SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION on November 13 for Nintendo Switch!

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