Nintendo announce Nintendo Switch Lite

The GameBoy Color, evolved.

Nintendo have this morning announced the Nintendo Switch Lite, a dedicated handheld console. And it looks pretty.

Similar to the GameBoy Color, DS Lite, and GameBoy Advance SP, this new Switch is smaller, lighter, and comes in a variety of tasteful colours; yellow, grey, turquoise, and Pokemon. I’ve said before what I wanted from an updated Switch and, while this doesn’t tick every box, I’m still very into it.

NZ pricing isn’t yet available, but with an Australian RRP of $329.95, we can probably expect something similar over here for the Switch Lite.

The trade off for the portability and style is the lack of HDMI output; no docking for this little guy. But that’s hardly a deal breaker, and my personal playtime on Switch is about 95% handheld anyway.

The question is less about whether or not to get a Switch Lite, but more about what one you’re going to get, right?

For more information about Nintendo Switch Lite, check out the video above, or visit the official Nintendo Switch website.

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