OPPO R11s is Available Now in New Zealand

So this announcement is a good 20 days old now but like a fine wine I’d like to think it gets better over time. I did seem to miss the invite for the launch but then again, I am very uncool and grotesque so I can appreciate why  OPPO didn’t need an ogre in the corner scaring everyone off when they are launching a sweet new phone. It may also have had to do with the fact that the main launch was actually in Australia and I’m in New Zealand but I’m getting off topic! Now that I’ve wasted my intro talking crap about nothing in particular allow me to introduce the R11s.

The R11s is the latest OPPO smartphone in their camera-focused R-series of devices, packed with the latest advances in camera tech, artificial intelligence that can unlock your phone in 0.08 seconds and a Full HD+ screen coming it at a huge 6.01 inches.

OPPO are big on their cameras so the front and rear shutters have been given an upgrade. The rear camera camera featuring a 20MP + 16MP dual-camera along with a front facing 20MP camera so you can capture that perfect selfie.

“Smartphones are the camera of choice for many New Zealanders. It’s what they use to capture, enjoy and replay every moment of their lives. The R11s offers Kiwis an exceptional photography experience, which will have them taking shots like a pro thanks to OPPO’s camera innovations,” said Terence Tan, Sales Director at OPPO New Zealand.

“From new software and hardware enhancements, to artificial intelligence, OPPO is ensuring it delivers a superior photography experience to all New Zealanders,” said Terence.

What makes the R11s’ cameras special is both operate as primary cameras, rather than the conventional format, where one camera takes the lead.

The 16MP rear camera takes on the primary role of normal everyday shots in brightly lit environments, while the 20MP HD camera is the main camera for low light environments. Both cameras provide an f/1.7 aperture, allowing more light into the device, enabling consumers to capture the highest quality portraits, day and night.

The front camera has also received a major upgrade. The 20MP front camera utilises OPPO’s groundbreaking self-learning AI Beauty Recognition technology, that identifies over 254 facial recognition points of the subject and references them against millions of facial images to make subtle, natural enhancements.

The AI facial recognition technology also enables users quick access to their device. The camera instantly recognises key facial feature points and swiftly unlocks the device in 0.08 seconds.

Bringing images to life is the camera phone’s new display. The R11s comes with a 6.01-inch FHD+ screen with 2160 x 1080 dpi and 18:9 aspect ratio, creating a immersive user experience. The 85.8 percent screen to surface ratio is the highest for any OPPO phone to date.

Exclusively on the Red version of the R11s, OPPO has introduced a ‘starry sky’ gradient effect on the screen, blurring the boundaries and bringing a wider view for users. New Zealand retailers will also stock black and gold variants of the device.

“The R11s provides flagship quality features and hardware without the high price point. We want to continue bringing Kiwis the best camera phones without breaking the bank,” said Terence.

“This is why New Zealanders are turning to OPPO phones. We take our time to make sure each device meets their needs and wants, delivering a premium quality device at an affordable price-point. We expect the device to build off the success of the R9s and the R11 to become a favourite amongst Kiwis looking for an amazing camera phone experience.”

We’ll be reviewing the R11s in the near future but if you wanna buy it right now it’s available for $799 from Noel Leeming, 2degrees, JB Hi-Fi, PB Tech, Smith City and online through The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery.


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