Phil Spencer Mentions Xbox One X TV Bundles, Will it Happen in NZ?

About a week ago, Twitter user @JayHynek tweeted a question to Phil Spencer asking if there were plans in the works to bundle the Xbox One X with any 4K UHD HDR TVs. Low and behold the Head of Xbox, Mr Phil Spencer actually replied to the tweet and (kind of) confirmed this would be a thing.

He didn’t give too much away other than to say that we saw them with the One S so he’s sure we’ll see them with the One X. If anyone knows such plans it’s going to be Phil so we can pretty safely assume that this will actually happen. The question then is, will this happen in New Zealand?

Plans around the launch of the Xbox One X are being held top secret at this stage so there is no way to definitely say yay or nay to plans to bundle the console in New Zealand but if past history is anything to go buy we may just know which brand is likely to offer the bundle…

Straight off the bat you can rule one company out. Yep you guessed it, there is no way Sony would bundle an Xbox of any generation with their TVs. Panasonic are unlikely to bundle the Xbox One X with their TVs simply because they tend to prefer offering a bundle that includes another one of their products like a soundbar. Samsung are kind of similar to Panasonic in that they mostly do bundles with their own products although, given the QLED and The Frame models are out now they potentially could be persuaded to get in on a bundle but if it’s going to happen in New Zealand it’s more than likely going to be, LG.

LG have offered bundles with the Xbox One as far back as 2013. BAck then they offered up an Xbox One to go with their LG Ultra HD TVs. This year LG have their Wallpaper thin OLED, plus their range of non-wallpaper OLED UHD 4K TVs so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them partner with Xbox and bundle the Xbox One X.

If this did happen you could expect to see a similar promotion where a qualifying 4K UHD TV will net you an Xbox One X, although this time around they might limit the promotion to the OLED TVs. LG are the masters of OLED technology so bundling an Xbox One X with their OLED TVs would give LG that little bit of extra leverage to make consumers part with their hard earned cash to buy that expensive TV. It’d also mean they have a device that is more than capable of showing off how gorgeous games can look in 4K so it would be a win-win for LG and Microsoft. It’s well known that the TV market is so competitive that their isn’t a lot of margin involved in selling them hence why my money would be on any potential promotion being limited to a higher end model.

If such a promotion did happen, don’t expect it to hang around for long. Back in 2013 the bundle only lasted for just over a month and was very popular. Even with the OLED TVs setting consumers back over $6,000NZD it’d be hard to see this promotion not working. Not only would you be getting one of the best TVs on the market, you’re also getting a game console that can play games in 4K UHD as well as playing 4K UHD Bluray movies, something that Sony left out of the PS4 Pro for some inexplicable reason. Expect any potential bundle to make good use of that very fact, talking up how buying that fancy TV is also going to get you the one piece of home entertainment equipment that can playback every type of 4K UHD media on the market today whether that’s games, movies or streaming content through the likes of Netflix or YouTube.

Whether or not we get such a bundle down here in New Zealand remains to be seen but if anyone does a bundle my money is on LG being Microsoft’s partner. What do you think?

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