Pink ProGC Gaming Chairs On Sale

This morning I was doing my usual Facebook scan to see what was going on in the world and what do I see? A sale as eye catching as the chairs themselves. With new stock due in soon, ProGC are having a good old fashioned clearance sale to move their pink gaming chairs offering up a very wallet friendly price of $299.

Whilst you may scoff at a pink gaming chair, I’ve seen these chairs up close and the pink chair is one gorgeous, eye-catching beauty that I’m more than man enough to admit I’d love to have in my lounge room. If I love them so much why don’t I have one I hear you say? Well that’s easy. I’m just a poor unpaid writer that has so little cash for gaming accessories that my gaming area has seen me break the Wife’s feeding chair from parking my fat arse on it to do my gaming, to me now using an incredibly uncomfortable dining chair. When the cash does come though, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be getting myself one of these chairs. I’ve written about them before and they are one hell of a seat. The pink chairs would normally retail up around the $450 mark so selling them for $299 is one hell of a deal.

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