Plantronics Set to Release Dolby Atmos Headsets in New Zealand

With the Xbox One X set to release next week as the next big thing in Console gaming, Plantronics is gearing up to release the next big thing in gaming headsets.

The Xbox One X isn’t just set up to deliver 4K gaming, it is also rigged to take advantage of Dolby Atmos. In case you aren’t aware of what Dolby Atmos is, it is a sound technology that delivers 3D spacial sound so that you feel like the sound is actually moving all around you rather than just coming at you from a certain direction. Dolby Atmos had been confined to ridiculously expensive Home Theatre systems but that is all changing and Plantronics is helping lead the way by bring Dolby Atmos to their gaming headsets.

The Plantronics RIG 800LX and the RIG 400LX are soon to be released in New Zealand and are compatible with Xbox One and PC. So if you’re getting yourself a fancy Xbox One X then these two Plantronics Headsets should be well worth a look. In an ideal world they would be available from 7 November but the world is far from perfect so whilst the headsets won’t be available on 7 November they should be on retail shelves by the end of November or worst case scenario very early in December.

The RIG 800LX is a Wireless headset that will last 24 hours on a single charge with 40mm driver giving a  maximum output of 40mW . The headset has a 10m range on it so if you’re like me you can duck away during a cutscene in-game to grab a drink from the fridge and still pick up the audio. This Dolby Atmos headset is going to set you back $279.95 but in the wireless headset space that is an excellent price with the fantastic benefit of Dolby Atmos.

The RIG 400LX is a wired headset but it does come with the LX1 amp so you can tweak the sound a bit more. This badboy will set you back $159.95 but again that is still a bloody good price for a headset that can output Dolby Atmos and features amplified audio along with 40mm high-sensitivity drivers.

Plantronics has an exclusive agreement in place for Atmos so they will be the only brand that will come with an Atmos code in the box of both the RIG 400LX & 800LX.

Oh and take a look at the pictures, these headsets are also pretty easy on the eye too!

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