Recap from Periscope – How to Stream Xbox One onto the Lenovo Y700

The Lenovo Y700 is a beast of a gaming laptop and thanks to the Windows 10 OS, it is able to stream Xbox One games onto the laptop. Whilst the Xbox Windows 10 app makes this possible with any computer that has the Windows 10 OS on it, having a good quality machine and screen to play Xbox One on makes a big difference. Pair a top quality Laptop like the Lenovo Y700 with a strong Wi-fi connection or Ethernet connectivity and you’ll no longer need to fight over the TV and can play your Xbox One with next to no lag (although you won’t want to play FPS multiplayer this way as even an extra 0.01-0.02ms in lag will frustrate hardcore FPS gamers).

Grab yourself a bevvie, sit down and watch the replay of the Periscope stream where I show you how easy it is to stream and play Xbox One on the Lenovo Y700.

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