Round the Bays with the Gear S3 – Training Part 2 (and Rehab)

Well well I finished Part 1 of Round the Bays with the Gear S3 I had injured my knee a bit but was still doing some training and was getting ready for my second session with running coach Sam. Well since then I was able to do some training but I also missed Round the Bays because my knee injury is a wee bit more serious than first expected and continued to get worse, to the point where even walking was difficult. That being said, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been able to get good use out of the Gear S3, if anything it’s allowed me to discover some other nifty features outside of using it to track running and walking stats. What are these features? Read on and I’ll tell you!

Let’s start with that session with Sam the running coach. I arrived at the getrunning studio and Sam was there waiting for me. My leg was in a brace and I told him I couldn’t run (at that point I could still walk OK) so we went about doing a session based around building leg strength. First thing I did was jump on the exercise bike to warm up so I went into the Health app on the Gear S3, selected start exercising and right there as an exercise available to be tracked is working out on an exercise bike. It was very handy to be able to track my vitals and calorie burn when I’m effectively only moving my legs and not travelling any tangible distance. The watch gave me feedback on how long I’d been going for, calories burnt and of course my heart rate data.

Next up was some leg strengthening exercises which was where I was once again in for a surprise. I had to do squats, lunges and sit-ups as part of the strengthening program and the Gear S3 had me covered. Within the exercise section of the health app on the Gear S3 there are specific workouts for squats, lunges and sit-ups. The app will even give you a graphic of the correct position you should be in. Whilst it obviously can’t read your full bio-metrics and give feedback on form, it will keep track of your reps and be your counter. It will also give you information on heart rate and calories burnt. I also did some other stretches during this session and even though the Gear S3 couldn’t target the stretches directly, it does have a generic catch all workout mode which will get your vital information. It does have the ability to track a Yoga workout and whilst I didn’t test that out, it could potentially work to track your stretching routine and of course it will be perfect for any yogis out there.

The week after that session was tough and was when my leg pretty much gave up on me and reduced my to feeling like an 85 year old, hobbling around and moving at the pace of a snail. Not all was lost though because even though I was far from at my best I was able to set a very small step count limit and then with the watch keep an eye on how I was progressing in the day to at least try and stay somewhat active. Spoiler alert, I didn’t do very well, turns out it’s quite hard to meet even the most basic self-set step goals when you can barely move and feel like your knee is going to give out at any moment. But my failure aside I did also make use of the sleep tracker just to assess how rested I was. Samsung looks at that data a bit differently to most, it doesn’t assess the sleep stages and break them down into REM and non-REM sleep. Rather it looks at your overall sleep efficiency, which is basically a more simpler were you restless or were you fast asleep approach. I don’t really use sleep trackers to see how well my quality of sleep was, I prefer to look at just how long I sleep for in a night. Whether I was in REM or non-REM isn’t important to me because it’s not like I can do anything about it while I’m sleeping.

So that’s pretty much it for my week. I did make use of some other nice features too like using the Gear S3 to make and receive calls and examine other apps as well but that is for my next, tech focused post. I’ll also do a follow up on using the Gear S3 to help get my knee back in working order so stay tuned for more Gear S3 goodness!

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  1. Darren Blake says

    I got a S3 today so a nice lil read for me. Gotta lose the gut and Im sure this will help

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