Samsung Launches the Galaxy S9 at 5 Second Event in Auckland

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are now officially launched in New Zealand. To celebrate the launch, Samsung held an exclusive launch event at “The Cloud” on Auckland’s waterfront.

The unique 5 second launch showcased the incredible new camera and demonstrate the key features of the devices, including its slow-motion prowess, guests watched a five second visual stunt full of colour and movement. Galaxy S9 smartphones fell from the sky into giant martini glasses, jelly flew through the air, confetti popped and break dancers got into their groove, all in five seconds.

The footage was captured on 25 Galaxy S9 smartphones, set up at different angles to capture all the fanfare. The content was then replayed back to guests to marvel at, all in slow-motion highlighting the smartphones’ low-light functionality. If you blinked – you would have missed it, but the new Galaxy S9 made sure that guests didn’t miss a moment.

Equipped with an impressive camera that captures 960 frames of slow motion video per second, Samsung has reimagined what a smartphone camera can do.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones start from RRP$1,399 and will are available in stores and on the Samsung website right now.

We’re trying to sweet-talk Samsung into letting us review the S9 or S9+ so if our charm offensive works, we’ll bring you a review soon.

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