Samsung POWERbot VR7000 Vacuum Review

I don’t know about you, but vacuuming is one of my least favourite jobs. In my house it takes hours! Well, it used to take hours because I never realized the vacuum I was using wasn’t fit for use on hardwood floors. Thank goodness I went to! I’ve got a young child and a hairy dog who sheds all over the floor. My current vacuum is one of those really heavy upright ones with a canister I have to empty out every few minutes, partly because it doesn’t hold very much and partly because I hate vacuuming so much that I put it off until it becomes a major job.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Samsung POWERbot robot vacuum is a real Godsend. My floors have never been so consistently clean. Now I don’t have to worry about dragging the upright vac out if I’m expecting company and am ashamed of the state of my carpet. But perhaps what I appreciate most about the POWERbot is the time it saves me. It trundles around cleaning my floors while I get on with other jobs. I don’t even have to be at home! It has a rather wonderful scheduling feature where you can set a time at which your POWERbot will automatically start vacuuming.

If you’ve never seen one of these nifty little machines at work, it’s quite enchanting, with its clever little sensors it approaches objects slowly (so it doesn’t bash into your furniture) and figures out if it can go around or if there’s an edge for it to follow. I watched it approach the top of the stairs, wondering if it would figure out that it couldn’t go any further, and it did. You can also set boundary markers to prevent your POWERbot from entering certain areas.

The POWERbot has several different cleaning modes to choose from. I kept mine on Auto clean for the most part, where it works back and forth the room in a grid fashion. Then there is Manual clean where you can direct your POWERbot with a laser light on the remote control to a specific area that needs a quick clean up. Repeat clean mode will keep cleaning until its battery is depleted. Spot clean intently cleans a localized area, great for cleaning up crumbs.

And when his battery gets low, he will alert you with a beep and then take himself back to his docking station, and if it’s in Autoclean mode he will return to cleaning after his battery is two thirds full. Or you can use the remote to direct your POWERbot back to his docking station.

Now considering my hairy dog, I was thinking that this smart little vacuum was going to be easily overwhelmed and unable to cope with the amount of pet hair, just like every other vacuum I’ve ever used, well I was wrong. The amount of hair and dust that gets picked up and packed into the little cyclone unit is impressive, and so easy to empty out. The brush and auto shutter are also super easy to clean.

Now I like to write a balanced review, so here are my thoughts on any flaws that I’ve observed. Don’t leave your phone charger cable where it can be run over by the POWERbot as it can strip the cables coating. Same goes for extension leads. Because the whole point of a robot vacuum cleaner is that you don’t have to watch it, it pays to pick up anything off the floor that may get stuck in the cleaner or that you don’t want sucked up. This is quite a good motivator to not leave stuff lying around. Sometimes the POWERbot can have a wee bit of trouble finding his way back to his docking station and docking, but he’s very determined and doesn’t give up. I don’t mind giving him a helping hand 🙂

Overall, I’m very impressed with the POWERbot, and I feel that it’s a very helpful little tool in completing the unending list of jobs that must be done in the home. Being a stay at home Mum the list of jobs that need doing never seems to get shorter. I’m about to start studying so my chore list will struggle to get done more than ever but thanks to the POWERbot I can take vacuuming off the list of chores. Plus the carpet has never looked cleaner. I know one thing for sure and that’s that when the POWERbot goes back to Samsung I’ll have to work my magic to get the Hubby to buy me one ;).

To see more about the Samsung POWERbot and where to purchase visit the Samsung NZ website.

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