Season 4 of The Hunters Club coming to Sky Sport

The Hunters Club is returning to SKY Sport for its fourth season on Monday 16th of July, and it’s looking to be the most action packed yet!

Season four showcases hunting and outdoors action from the very top of New Zealand, to the very bottom with episodes filmed at the remote Three Kings Island group all the way down to Stewart Island.

Adventures to look forward to this season include an encounter with a huge boar in Southland, settling the score with a trophy chamois buck in Central Otago, and a mission to the far flung reaches of the Great Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland, where the team find themselves fending off advances from the local shark population.

The team’s adventures are all told in an entertaining and visually stunning fashion, with a strong emphasis on ethics and safety. The show’s producer Dave Shaw says: “The ultimate goal of the show is to encourage those who watch it to get out and give wild New Zealand a crack for themselves. If not, look at what you’re missing!”

Like previous seasons, season four utilizes a unique multi-presenter approach. Using a range of hunters allows them to approach the sport from various angles, all the while ensuring that each hunt is executed and presented in a professional manner.

“I doubt that there’s anyone who can honestly claim to have complete mastery, or even competency, in all facets of hunting, the sport is simply too broad. That being said, a couple of our guys come close! The skills required to hunt trophy bull tahr in mid-winter contrast hugely from those required to successfully bow hunt white tail deer on Stewart Island. Likewise, spearfishing for world record kingfish at the Three Kings Island group is a world away from chasing roaring red stags in Fiordland. Having the freedom to capture all of these varied adventures with a wide group of guys that are all at the top of their game is what gives our series a bit of an edge and helps keep things fresh.”

Hunters Club – Season 4

Monday July 16th 7.30pm SKY Sport 2

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