SKY TV Announces New Cheaper Starter Package

After being in denial about customers cancelling their Sky subscriptions (34,000 cancelled in the year ending 30 June 2017), Sky has today announced via an NZX announcement that are creating a new pricing structure which includes a cheaper entry package.

The new pricing structure will see the Basic Package ($49.91 per month) replaced with two new packages, Sky Starter and Sky Entertainment. Sky Starter will cost $24.91 per month and include a reduced amount of channels compared to the current Basic Package – although it will still contain 5, Food TV, Bravo, Comedy Channe; and the kids channels.

For those customers wanting all the channels that are covered by Sky Basic then they will receive both Sky Starter and Sky Entertainment. Sky Entertainment has 18 channels in it which include Vibe, Jones, Box Sets, Crime Channels and the Documentaries and News.

The good news is that Sky Starter and Sky Entertainment together contain all the same channels currently available on Basic but the bad news is it will still cost $49.91 as Sky entertainment is $25 per month on top of Sky Starter at $24.91 per month.

Commenting in the NZX announcement, Sky said that “the Board and management believe this new pricing structure will assist in attracting new customers by offering a cheaper entry point for customers who do not want the full SKY package”.

This new pricing structure will be welcome news to the Sky customers that only subscribe in order to access premium channels such as Sport or Movies (but we all know it’s the Sky Sports package that brings in the customers). Those customers will be able to save themselves $25 a month and means they will be able to Get Sky Starter and Sport for a few bucks more than what they would currently pay for the Basic Package itself.

For customers who have Sky Starter, Sky Entertainment and either Sky Sport or Sky Movies, they will receive premium Drama channel, SoHo channel for free which currently costs $9.99 per month.

The new pricing structure will start from 1 March 2018, so tomorrow (or today or it’s already in place depending on when you’re reading this).


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