Switch 2.0 – What we want Nintendo to Switch up

The Switch is almost two years old, and it's about time we think about what we want in the inevitable mid-cycle version.

We’re coming up on 2019, two years since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, everyone’s favourite console. Why is it everyone’s favourite? Because it’s versatile, fun, and portable; just like me, if I was fun… or versatile.

Point is, Nintendo is not immune to the mid-cycle upgrade temptation, and it’s likely we’ll see a Switch 2.0 in the next year. As someone who has never bought the same console twice, here’s what would make me dole out my heard-earned dollarydoos for another Switch.


Better screen

OK, so the Switch is a glorious little thing, but it’s got a 720p resolution in handheld mode, and 1080p in docked. This is, ya know, fine, and usually not an issue. I’m a fan of the less graphically intense games on Nintendo’s flagship; the indies, retroesques, etc. And hey, Zelda still looks pretty sweet.

Still, it’s be nice to get 1080p on the built in screen. I don’t expect 4K in the dock, mind, but a slightly fancier handheld experience would he great.


Better battery

You’ll notice that a lot of this is geared towards a handheld mode upgrade. That’s because I spend well over 90% of my Switch time in handheld mode. I basically only use the dock when the battery gets low, which is why a better battery would be a big plus for me. The Switch battery isn’t bad, with a 4310 mAh battery stuck in there, but even a leap to 5000 (or ideally 6000 or 7500) would be most appreciated.

Faster charging would also be pretty sweet. I’m sure there’s a way to get fast charging in that USB-C slot. C’mon, Nintendo, do it for your old pal Brian.


Better Joycons

This one is a two-parter. First off, the JoyCons are tiny and iffy on connection, but I love them.

Also, I would like both of those things to change.

The Switch is a living nightmare to hold, with nothing even resembling the ergonomic design of the Pro Controller (which, incidentally, is probably my favourite controller ever). I’ve got a third-party case on mine, which adds grips around the JoyCons and has made my commuter time infinitely more pleasurable.  If Skull and Co can do it, Nintendo can; please, have mercy.


Better Bluetooth

Why, in the name of all that’s holy, can’t I pair my headphones with my Switch? Again, I’ve gone with a third party solution for this in the form of Genki, but this isn’t ideal. I want to be able to use my Switch on the train without dealing with wires or peripherals, and I want to be able to yell at my friends online without having to route through my phone. I could do that already, Nintendo, it’s called Skype.

I mean, yeah. Let me use my Sony or Astro headphones; hell, I’ll buy some from Nintendo if it helps. But give us something.

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