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Vaporum Review

First released on PC in 2017, Fatbot Games has now brought their steampunk dungeon crawler Vaporum to console. So pump your shotgun, strap on your exo-rig and join me as I give the Switch port a spin. The premise is simple enough - a

Darkest Dungeon Review

An estate in ruins, eldritch horrors, and eagerly suicidal heroes. Darkest Dungeon know its audience, and they’re the best kind of masochists. “Ruin has come to our family.” With an opening like this, you just know you’re in for a good

Mainlining Review

Be the hacker, catch the perp, save the day! Mainlining, a quirky point-and-click hacker game, comes aboard the Nintendo Switch as one of the few hacking games available on the platform. While its design is darkly funny and nostalgic for