Tech 21 iPhone 8 Plus Evo Go Case Review

So you’ve gone and bought yourself a shiny new iPhone 8 Plus and it has that gorgeous glass back on it. Whilst it looks great it brings with it another area on your phone to crack should you drop it. That’s where the Tech 21 Evo Go iPhone 8 Plus case comes in.

The Evo Go is a solid case that features Tech 21’s Advanced FlexShock technology. FlexShock is features a special 3 layer shock absorption system that is designed to protect the iPhone from a drop of 3m or 9.9ft. 3 metres is a decent about of distance to protect the phone from a drop and in a practical sense more than most people will need but it is good to know that should you be scaling a ladder, tree or your the world’s tallest person, you can drop your phone and have some comfort that the Evo Go is going to absorb that impact and protect that expensive glass. I will admit that I didn’t do a three meter drop test, not out of any real fear but simply because I just haven’t had the need to go up that high and embarrassingly enough I don’t own a ladder. That being said I am 6ft3 and did decide to drop the phone straight down onto the ground and it took the impact like a champ with not a mark or more importantly, not a crack to the phone. I was a tad nervous though because my drop went a bit askew and the phone landed on its side but even the edge of the Evo Go can take that impact. Falling face down on the screen though well that could potentially pose a problem but with the case and Tech 21’s Impact Shield screen protector on it there is good potential for it to survive a front screen fall.

The Evo Go isn’t the thinnest case on the market and it will make your iPhone 8 Plus that little bit more bulky so for those with smaller hands that find the iPhone 8 Plus already a stretch, the Evo Go will make it just that bit harder to keep that phone in hand. A small price to pay though given that the bit of extra bulk is what allows the case to retain the FlexShock drop protection.

The sides of the case are a solid plastic construction with the back of the case covered with a leather trim. Hiding behind that leather trim is a nifty card holder so you can pop your drivers licence or bank card in the case and ditch the wallet. The card holder is magnetic and will close shut of its own accord so there is no need to worry about a card falling out during your travels. The case leaves open the bottom speaker and lightning charging port and covers the power and volume buttons. Power and volume buttons work absolutely fine when pressed however the mute rocker is embedded deeper into the thick design of the case which does make it awkward to access which is about the only flaw in an otherwise excellent case design.

As mentioned earlier I had the Impact Shield screen protector on my iPhone 8 Plus as well. It is an excellent screen protector that features what Tech 21 call Bulletshield. Bulletshield is the same material used in bullet proof glass so it is well adept at absorbing force throughout the case. The polymer surface of the screen protector also allows it to smooth itself over from day to day scratches.

With a price of $99.99 NZD for the Evo Go and $39.99 NZD for the Impact Shield Tech 21 have put together an excellent option to protect your shiny new iPhone 8 Plus. Of course since the iPhone 8 Plus design hasn’t changed the case can also fit perfectly on an iPhone 7 model as well. If you are drop-prone then the Tech 21 Evo Go is definitely a case worth your attention.

The Evo Go case and Impact Shield screen protector, among other cases and phone accessories can be purchased from the Tech 21 website, Noel Leeming and Harvey Norman.


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