Tech21 Evo Wallet S9 Case Review

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is out now and with that all glass design and gorgeous infinity display it is $1,400 worth of phone that you do not want to break!

One of the first things you’ll wanna do is throw that expensive new phone into a case to give it some much needed protection. There are so many cases to choose from, each offering different things and varying levels of protection. One of the stronger cases that we got to take a look at is the Tech21 Evo Wallet.

The Evo Wallet case is an attractive and more importantly, solid case from Tech21. Featuring a patterned design that looks a wee bit camo. It is an all encompassing case that will protect both the front and back of your phone, or as Tech21 say, it gives the phone 360 degree protection.

Some cases offer great protection but that protection comes with a trade-off. That trade-off being a huge form factor that means you need to carry a spatula around with you if you actually wanna get your phone out of your pocket. The Evo Wallet Case is 75 x 157 x 13mm so it fits snuggly around the S9 and more importantly isn’t going to require you to carry a spatula with you! It is lightweight and highly functional.

Tech21 say that the case is capable of protecting the phone against a drop from 12 feet (3.6 metres). Given that our S9 was a review unit from Samsung I certainly didn’t that out BUT I have tried it with a Tech21 case when I had an iPhone 8 Plus and it took the drop like a champ so there’s no reason to think that all of a sudden this case couldn’t do the same.

The Evo Wallet also has space to store your cards which means you can shot down to the shops with your licence and debit card firmly stashed inside the case with your phone and leave that bulky wallet at home. There is one tiny downside that I have discovered with cases that let you store cards which seems to be prevalent with Android 8.0… Have you started getting the message that your phone has found a new tag and can’t for the life of you figure out what that means? It’s probably because you are using a case with your debit or credit card close to your phone and your phone is picking up the NFC chip inside. If you turn off your NFC on your phone you won’t get that message anymore.

If you are looking for a case that is strong, can keep your phone protected from a drop and let’s you leave the wallet at home and still have the basic wallet essentials with you then the Tech21 Evo Wallet for the Samsung Galaxy S9 is well worth a look.

The Tech21 Evo Wallet is available online for $69.99 and from select retailers in New Zealand.

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