Tetris Effect review

How can you screw up Tetris? Well, apparently, you can't.

A wise man once asked me, “how can you screw up Tetris?” Well, the teams over at Monstars Inc. and Resonair certainly don’t know as they make a game that is as faithful to the original Tetris title, as it is a game that fits in to the 2018 landscape.

The Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect really doesn’t do anything new from a gameplay perspective that isn’t present in Tetris games of the far distance. You control blocks coming down, eliminate lines by filling them up, and try to complete enough lines to pass a level. It’s the Tetris you knew before, it’s the same now, and it’s still excellent. If I could be so bold, it may well be the perfect puzzle game that has no reason to change.

That feeling of panic as your Tetromino container fills up is perfect and only elevated by your failures to master the game. It’s allows for perfect levels of tension to develop while you blame yourself for every stressful moment. Why mess with a perfect formula?

Tetris with Effects

So what makes Tetris Effect worth checking out when it’s essentially the same game as Tetris? Well it’s the effects that the game has implemented and its glorious harmony with the music. Each stage has a different effect with flashing lights and colours that pop on the screen which changes as the music changes.

The soundtrack is built to be delivered in stages, which ramps up as you complete lines on any given level. This gives such a satisfying feeling to clock up those completed lines because the music and effects all build up their intensity, and by the end of the level you have a fully realised amazing song surrounding you.

The music itself crosses multiple genres, from old Japanese music through to upbeat pop tracks. The game doesn’t use music to overwhelm you, but to entice you to earn it’s audio visual onslaught, and it is worth every stressful moment of that line destroying gameplay.

Virtual Tetris, Reality Effect

One of the reasons that this game has been getting the attention it deserves is because of its PSVR push, but PSVR isn’t essential for the game. Using headphones plugged into your controller will get you most of the way to the full experience, and I found myself enjoying this when it wasn’t convenient to enter the virtual version of reality.

All that PSVR does is enhance the amazing effects, as you are pulled from your room, and the effects surrounding the Tetris board like glowing jellyfish or whales take up the additional space in your eyes that the TV limits. The game is significantly more amazing in VR, but it’s definitely not a show stopper if you don’t have a PSVR headset.

Effective Tetris

Tetris Effect really is such an easy recommendation to make. Do you like Tetris? Well it’s that super easy/super difficult game just made better in every way, but not touching the gameplay. Just make sure you use stereo headphones (those cheapies you got with your phone will do) and if you have a PSVR headset then slot some time ahead to enjoy the game at full force.

Blocky good fun
  • Overall

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