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During E3 this year, PlayStation made a bit of a surprise announcement that it was taking gaming beyond the console and onto Smartphones and Tablets. Playlink is the concept, allowing people on PS4 and Smart devices to play some multiplayer games together.

That’s You! is the first in the Playlink range and it takes inspiration from the likes of You Don’t Know Jack and games of that ilk. That’s right, it’s a party game that is at it’s best when you are sitting down with friends, preferably with drinks in hand (if you are of that age, otherwise stick to milk).

The game itself is primarily played from your smart device, the DualShock 4 is barely required with the PlayStation 4 essentially becoming the interface for the game and showing the hilarity that unfolds throughout. Each player needs to download the That’s You app onto their smart device and connect it up to the same network the PS4 is on. That means connecting to the same Wi-fi hotspot as the PS4, or if the PS4 is plugged in by LAN, That’s You can turn the PS4 into a Wi-fi hotspot. It sounds straightforward but is actually a bit cumbersome, requiring a bit more effort from everyone wanting to play than should be the case.

To actually review the game I got some friends around, I did have to bribe them with booze (oops I mean milk) otherwise they wouldn’t have wanted to visit me at all but hey the things I do to get a review out right? The formula for the game is pretty simple but nonetheless fun. A scenario will be presented to a player to which they must answer and the other players must then guess what the player answered. When played with just two people it’s a simple right or wrong situation but when played with a group the “correct” response actually comes via how many people in the group answered a certain way. This means to score points you have to have been on the side of the group.

The game doesn’t just come down to questions though, there are moment where you’ll make use of your device to take pictures (aka selfies) asking you to imitate something which can also lead to all sorts of things being drawn over the top of the picture (I won’t repeat the sorts of things that were drawn). It’s another aspect that embraces the use of smart devices and the technology they have in them. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but it just helps open up the game a bit more.

There are many fun moments to be had throughout That’s You! As a group the laughs flowed but what was painfully obvious was that the pacing is slower than it should be for a party game. That is kind of compounded by music that doesn’t really quite capture the party mood. The game has a very pleasing aesthetic to it and all the results, pictures, etc all appear on the screen very well and capture the party mood well but it is let down by the pacing and soundtrack.

That’s You! is a great concept that has plenty of potential. It’s heart and soul is as a party game and where it manages to bring out the laughs the pacing just doesn’t allow those laughs to flow as quickly as they should and they soundtrack just doesn’t inspire a party atmosphere. It almost feels like That’s You! was rushed out the door just to get a Playlink title out soon after the announcement. That’s You! does serve a purpose though and that is to show that Playlink isn’t just a gimmick, it is a concept that can work by bringing people together using a PS4 and devices that pretty much everyone owns these days. That’s You! is free to download for PS Plus members until around October when it will set up back about $20 give or take so your best bet is to get in while it’s free. Aside from that bring on more Playlink titles.

That’s You! was reviewed using a code provided by PlayStation NZ. 

Not quite the life of the party but there is potential in Playlink
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