The Action-Packed Nintendo eShop Sale Begins Today

ARMS, Skyrim, and DOOM are all 33% off

The latest Nintendo eShop sale begins today, with over 140 titles games being discounted.

The stars of the show are ARMS, DOOM, and Skyrim all getting 33% off the regular price. L.A. Noire is 25% off, and Fifa18 and Super Bomberman R are both half price.

A gaggle of 3DS and Wii U titles also receive discounts, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Monster Hunter Stories, and Xenoblade Chronicles. If for some reason you’ve never picked these up, now’s your chance, as they’re up to 50% off as well.

The price cuts have hit a ton of other titles too, so head over to the eShop to see if your wishlist has suddenly become more affordable.

You’ve got until Thursday, April to snap up a (relative) bargain.

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