The Culling 2 is the Battle Royale Game No One is Playing

Some might say that The Culling was slightly ahead of its time, it was a 16 v 16 Battle Royale game before Battle Royale games really took off. This time around though, the only Battle Royale that The Culling 2 seems to be facing is trying to attract players to the game with next to no one actually playing the game on Steam.

The Culling 2 released just a couple of days ago has a player limit of 50 per match, which is sub-par in a world where players expect at least a 100 person Battle Royale. However even with a limit of 50 players that seems highly ambitious given that a quick search of the Steam Charts shows that in actual fact no one is playing the game!

Our most recent search showed that one lone chap (or lass) is probably in for a long wait trying to actually get a game given they appeared to be the only person playing the game in last hour and that in actual fact the games peak was a mere 249 players having a crack.

Needless to say there is probably tumbleweed going through the servers that are looking after The Culling 2. If this keeps up then The CUlling 2 could go down in video game history as one of the biggest flops of all-time.

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